Why Tuk Tuk Boat

Tuk Tuk Boat

“Thailand is world-renowned for its iconic mode of transportation, Tuk Tuks. We’re updating the Tuk Tuk and bringing it to the Chaophraya River with our all-new fleet of Tuk Tuk Boats, reinventing the iconic experience for Bangkok’s emerging riverfront.”

Safety is our Priority

“We’ve gone beyond normal standards to ensure our customer’s safety. Cameras facing the cabin area and the front of the boat ensure that footage is recorded at all times should there be any need to review it. GPS ensures trackability of all boats in our fleet. Elevated floors on our boats ensure easier access getting on and off our boats.”


“Get to riverside destinations directly with accessibility to more piers than other river travel options in the market.”


“We aim to provide a better experience traveling on the river with our new fleet of Water Tuk Tuks built for comfort to meet the needs of today’s customer.”

Sensible Standard Pricing

“Unlike other current options for traveling on the Chaophraya, we provide simple pricing options. For a party of up to 10 people, we charge you hourly based on real usage time. No other hidden charges you have to worry about.”

On-Demand Service

“No need to wait at stops at certain times. We come to you, wherever you are*, whenever you want. We plan to roll out our service to ride-hailing apps in the near future.”
*Locations restricted by access to specific piers.

Our Service

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Where East meet West

Traditional Thai Style meet Classic European yacht

Comfortable Seat

Purposely Built

Yacht feel & Touch

Comfortable Ride

Eco Friendly

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You all might have a unique experience riding a “Tuk Tuk” (a three-wheeled motorised vehicle used as a taxi) in Bangkok before. The fast, fun, and thrilling ride has been upgraded into the newly launched Tuk Tuk boat service!

Since May 2019, we have designed and developed the concept of “Tuk Tuk Boat” by extracting Tuk Tuk essences and applying them on our specially designed bilge, with the best standard in our mind. After 5 months, our first Tuk Tuk Boat was successfully set sail on Chao Phraya River, giving tourists the most private and unique experience like no others could offer. Our boat is designed to give you the most comfortable ride with special ergonomic seating and space of baby stroller. That’s why kids and elderlies are warmly welcomed on the boat.

The experience allows up to ten passengers on board, with the private certified captain to serve the passengers. We also have experienced crews to ensure safety standard. Wherever you want to go within your booked time-slot, give the captain a word, and he will readily take you to there. Onboard entertainment is offered, including Bluetooth speakers and microphone, allowing you to hear your favorite tune along the scenic Chao Phraya River view. It is a brand-new experience of a lifetime. You can directly book with us via our contact below or at our partner channels, including Airbnb experience and Klook.

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